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國立清華大學 語言學研究所
NTHU Linguistics


Recent and upcoming conferences:

  1. September, 2015. Thirty Years of Linguistics at Tsing Hua

  2. May, 2014. GLOW in Asia X

Past conferences:

  1. June, 2013‧第八屆東亞理論語言學論壇 The 8th Theoretical East Asian Linguistics Workshop

  2. Jan, 2010‧Mini-Workshop on Syntax

  3. Oct, 2009‧語音及音韻學讀書會 Consortium for Phonetics and Phonology

  4. Oct, 2009‧南島語典藏與理論語言學讀書會

  5. Aug, 2009‧挑戰黃正德老師 Challenging C.-T. James Huang!

  6. Aug, 2009‧現代漢語句法語義國際學術論壇 International Symposium on Chinese Syntax and Semantics

  7. Jul, 2009‧左緣結構句法工作坊  Mini-Workshop on Cartography

  8. Apr, 2008‧Workshop on Phonetics and Phonology 語音學與音韻學工作坊

  9. Dec, 2007‧ International Symposium of the Consortium for Linguistics 六校語言學聯盟國際研討會

  10. Mar, 2006‧ The 13th Annual Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA 13)

  11. Jun, 2004‧ The 2nd TEAL Workshop

  12. Jun, 1996‧The Fifth Annual Conference of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics

  13. May, 1994‧International Conference of Chinese Phonology

  14. Jul, 1992‧The Third International Symposium of Chinese Languages and Linguistics

  15. Jul, 1987‧Workshop on Contemporary Syntactic Theory and Chinese Syntax

Other activities:

  1. Aug, 2010‧「Chomsky 在清華

  2. Apr, 2006‧ 清華大學語言所20週年所慶 The 20th Anniversary of NTHU Linguistics

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