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NTHU Linguistics



本所博士班於公元1990年成立,又於2004年與中央研究院語言學研究所合辦「南島語語言學博士班」。因此,目前本所博士班分為兩組:甲組為「一般語言學組」,乙組為「南島語語言學組」,每年個別招收五名博士生(請注意:乙(南島語言學)組自 2013 年起停止招生)。 

    The Ph.D. program in linguistics was established in 1990, and in 2004, we added a Ph.D. specialization in Austronesian linguistics, in collaboration with the Institute of Linguistics at Academia Sinica, Taiwan (Note that as of Fall, 2013, the Ph.D. program with specialization in Austronesian linguistics will stop admitting new students).

博士班 Requirements for Ph.D. Program


  1. 1.畢業學分(24學分)包括本所要求補修碩士班所規定之必修學分

  2. 2.論文學分(4學分)

  3. 3.博士生需對至少三種語言有一定程度之掌握(包括其母語),具體個案由所務會議認定。

  4. 4.資格考(完成兩篇論文並通過口試:(甲)句法學,(乙)語意學、(丙)音韻學,(丁)形態學,及(戊)其他領域

  5. 5.一篇經審查後出版(或同意刊登)期刊論文

  6. 6.博士論文

To earn a Ph.D. in General Linguistics, students must complete all the following requirements within seven (7) years: 

  1. 1.Course requirements: All students must complete 24 credit hours of course work for a grade.

  2. 2.Thesis Credits: In addition to 24 credit hours of course work, students must take 4 credit hours of Thesis.

  3. 3.General Exam: All Ph.D. students must pass a General Exam in the third year. General exam is composed of two parts: (i) the writing of two research papers and (ii) oral exams based on these papers. General exams are given twice a year, March 30 and September 30. The two Generals papers must be original research papers and report research on two distinct topic in two distinct subdisciplines of linguistics. The subdisciplines include (i) Syntax, (ii) Semantics, (iii) Phonology, (iv) Morphology and (v) Others     

  4. 4.All Ph.D. students are required to have a good command of at least three languages (including his or her native language(s))

  5. 5.A peer-reviewed journal paper (published or accepted for publication)

  6. 6.A doctoral dissertation

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