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TRANSPORTATION       From CKS airport to NTHU     From Taipei to NTHU     From university front gate to conference venue

How to get to National Tsing Hua University from the CKS international airport


There is no rail connection from the CKS International Airport, so you will need to take a bus or a taxi.  There are two terminals in CKS Airport; you can purchase bus tickets to major cities of Taiwan in the arrival hall of each terminal.  There is also a taxi stand located right outside each arrival hall; most taxi drivers at CKS Airport speak some English or Japanese. 

The website of CKS International Airport (Taipei).


There are several ways to get to National Tsing Hua University from the CKS International Airport (Taipei):


     Taxi: About NT. 1,500 for one cab and 45 minutes from the airport to NTHU.    

      Chartered taxis line up right outside each arrival hall. At terminal 1, the taxi rank is

     on the right of the exit hall, at terminal 2 on the left. You should inform the taxi

      coordinator about the destination (i.e. the city of Hsinchu) and a taxi will be

      assigned to you.   NOTE: Do not go with anyone who asks you inside the arrival hall

      if you need a taxi.  These are not licensed by the airport authority and may charge 

      you a high fee for a long and indirect route.  Use only the licensed taxis in the taxi

      rank outside each terminal; these are reliable.


     It is possible to arrange a taxi to pick you up at the airport at a special price of  

      NT$1,200 for afla-13 participants.  Please contact Mr. Wang directly at the  

      following email address hhhsu@mx.nthu.edu.tw if you are interested.


      Bus: Take the United Highway Bus. It will take you around 2 hours from the airport  

      to Tsing Hua. Purchase a ticket at the ticket counter in the arrival hall.  A one- 

      way trip to the city of Hsinchu costs NT$150.  You will have to transfer at Chungli

      Freeway Service Center to a different bus to Hsinchu.  Mention "Hsinchu" to the

      staff at the transfer station and the staff will notify you when the bus bound for

      Hsinchu arrives. On the second bus, tell the driver you will get off at National Tsing

      Hua University. The bus will stop one block away from the university.


      Terminal I Bus terminal: On the southwest side of the Arrival Passenger Reception  

      Area. [Map]

     Terminal II Bus terminal: On the northeast side of the Arrival Passenger Reception  

      Area on the first floor of the terminal. [Map]


     The following sign is the Chinese characters for United High Way Bus:




     The following sign is the Chinese characters for Hsinchu:



     The following sign is the Chinese characters for  National Tsing Hua University:


     You may show these signs to the bus attendants and drivers.


Shuttle service from Taipei


We have arranged a shuttle bus for AFLA XIII participants from the Taipei area. The shuttle bus will stop by National Taiwan University (NTU) and Academia Sinica at their main entrances:

3/24        6:45 at NTU, 7:15 at Academia Sinica;

              Leaving the conference venue at 17:30

3/25        6:45 at NTU, 7:15 at Academia Sinica;

              Leaving after the banquet at about 20:30

3/26        7:15 at NTU, 7:45 at Academia Sinica;

              Leaving the conference venue at 17:00

Please indicate whether you would take the shuttle bus on your on-line registration form so that we could estimate the number of people.


Campus shuttle bus service


We have arranged campus shuttle buses exclusively for afla-13 participants on March 24, 25, and 26. This afla-13 shuttle bus will go between the front gate of the University and the Building of College of Humanities and Social Sciences according to the schedule below. If you would like to catch the shuttle bus to the conference venue, please wait at the campus bus stop near the main entrance of National Tsing Hua University.

Note: The regular campus shuttle bus is operated on weekdays but not on weekends. Therefore, on Friday March 24, you could take either the campus shuttle bus or the afla-13 bus to the conference venue.


Friday, March 24

Saturday, March 25

Sunday, March 26

                                             7:50 ( to the venue)





                                            12:10 ( to the gate)

                                            13:05 ( to the venue)

                                            13:20 ( to the venue)

17:45 ( to the gate)

17:00 ( to the gate)






















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