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Fall 2003
Ling 422---Introduction to Grammatical Analysis

Instructor: Hsiu-chuan Liao
Time: Monday/Wednesday 3:30–4:45PM
Place: Moore 119
E-mail: hsiuchua@hawaii.edu
Office: Moore 583
Office Phone: 956-3244
Office Hours: Monday 2:00–3:00PM, Wednesday 2:00–3:00PM, and by appointment.  

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the basic concepts and phenomena of syntactic analysis.  We will begin by considering the basic tools of syntactic analysis (i.e., syntactic categories, thematic roles, and grammatical relations).  We will then use these tools to analyze a variety of syntactic phenomena, including case, agreement, voice (passivization, antipassivization, etc.), causativization, relativization, question formation, noun incorporation, possessor ascension, etc.  Data will be drawn from a variety of languages, with a focus on languages of Asia and the Pacific.
PREREQUISITES: Ling 320 or consent of the instructor (hsiuchua@hawaii.edu).

Timely completion of homework assignments    15%
First examination (October 1)                           20%
Second examination (November 5)                   25%
Third examination (December 17)                     25%
Short research paper* (due December 11)       15%
*The research paper assignment involves creating a new ‘syntax file’ on a phenomenon of your choice in a language or languages of your choice.  You will have a better idea of what the assignment involves once you have had a chance to examine the Syntax Files (see below).

GRADING POLICY:  An ‘A’ really means ‘excellent’—90% or better for the overall course.

The Syntax Files: available as a reading packet from Professional Image at 2633 South King St. (Ph. 973-6599).  These will be used in class on a daily basis; please bring your copy with you to each class.

Week 2       9/01/03 (Monday)            Holiday: Labor Day
Week 6      10/01/03 (Wednesday)      First examination (3:30–4:45PM)
Week 10    10/27/03 (Monday)           Topic of the research paper due
Week 11    11/05/03 (Wednesday)      Second examination (3:30–4:45PM)
Week 16    12/11/03 (Thursday)          Research paper due (at 4:00PM)
Week 17    12/17/03 (Wednesday)      Third examination (4:30–6:30PM)